Tasty Tales

People love our microgreens!

Using these micro greens has been such a pleasure in my dishes, they absolutely brighten up every dish that I use them for! My favorite dish that I have used them in so far has been the our Chicken Piccata and we used the sunflower sprouts and pea shoots. The use of these two greens brightened up the dish and leveled out the acidity from the lemon and made it come alive! I am looking Forward to incorporating more of their greens into the menu at our new cafe in Titusville on the local college campus. Hands down I order as often as I can use Tasty Greens and I love when they grow new things!
Chef Andrea Leib
Instagram @Andies_catering
I had the privilege of having a tasty sunflower microgreen salad with Dennis and his lovely wife-wow!-I love salads-but this was way beyond my expectations. Trying a green smoothie with spicy salad greens gave me a much needed boost for the rest of the day. Thank you for your diligence in informing us of the nutritional value of microgreens. Hoping to find a good source on the west coast that can match to your quality
Mary L
The microgreens from Tasty Greens are indeed tasty and phenomenal! They pack a power punch on salads or as a smoothie. I take my blender, chop up some ice, put a handful of sunflower microgreens and squirt 2 drops of sugar free lemonade water enhancer with a splash of cranberry juice. A delicious drink on a warm day and gives me so much energy I don't need as much caffeine.I went to someone else for microgreens but they were more expensive and the product wasn't as fresh. I fully endorse all the microgreens at Tasty Greens and they have become a healthy addition to my life!